You Like?

If you like my site and like that you like it, there are things you can do! (If you’d like):

1) Share my posts!

2) Leave a comment. Comments are fun!

3) Pet more cats.

4) Click the “Follow” button at the top of this page. This will notify you whenever I pet a new cat!

5) Check out my map again. Seriously, it’s a map showing cat pettings.

6) Get really excited that one day I might compile all my cat-petting photos into a sexy coffee table book.

7) Take a walk. It’s nice out.

8) Donate some money to an animal charity.

9) Adopt a cat from a local shelter.

10) Have a glass of wine.

11) Go pet your own cat. She’s starved for attention.

"I like you too!" - Josie

“I like you too!” – Josie

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